You may want to share a prescription with a pharmacy or with a contact on your system.

To do this, first ensure the pharmacy or the recipient you wish to share the prescription with is added as a contact. For more information on how to do this, click here.

Bring up the prescription in the patient record and click on the 'Share' arrow as below:

The following box will appear. Select "Contact". Begin typing the name of the contact you wish to share the prescription with e.g. the pharmacy name. You will see the contact name appear in the drop down list. Select the contact:

Then click the "Share" button:

This will then have shared the prescription with your contact.

The contact will receive an email similar to below (this will contain your own clinic details). This email contains no confidential information:

If they click 'View document' they will be taken to the Heydoc portal and land on the following page:

If they then click 'View document' they will be able to view the prescription and they can download this as a PDF or print this as necessary:

Please note that not all pharmacies will accept e-prescriptions therefore we recommend you check with the corresponding pharmacy before sharing a prescription with them from Heydoc.

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