This video shows you how to view and create contacts and how to add them to a patient record:

Please read below for more information on contacts.

Clicking on the "Contacts" tab will take you to the page below where you will be able to see all your saved contacts:

To create a new contact click "New" as above and that will take you to the form below where you can fill in all your contact details, click "Save" once complete:

You will then be taken back to your list of current contacts. 

If you would like to edit a contact, click on contact which you want to edit. Click the edit icon as circled below, you will be taken to the edit page, click "Save" once complete:

If you would like to delete a contact, click the "..." in the top right hand corner and click "Delete" as circled below:

You will then see this pop-up where you will need to type the exact name of the contact you would like to delete:

Once you've done that, you will see a "Delete" button appear as circled below, click that and you would have now successfully deleted this contact:

You will be able to use these contacts when using the "Email" tab throughout Heydoc. Once you start to type the first few letters of the contact name then that will auto-populate for you. This is an example within the "Letters" section:

You will also be able to use these contacts when creating relationships within patients:

If you click "Add relationship" you will see the below page appear, once you select the "Relationship type" and start typing a name in the "Patient or contact name" section you will be able to search from within your contacts:

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