Once you have created a letter or another document, you may wish to share this with someone other than the patient such as a contact (e.g. another clinician or an insurance company).

To share a letter or another document with a contact, please watch the video or read the step-by-step guide below:

The contacts with whom you will be able to share these records with will need to be added to your "Contacts" list as below. For more details on how to create a contact kindly click here:

To share a letter with a contact, click "Letters" as below:

Next, click the ellipsis on the letter which you would like to share and then click "Share":

You will see a pop-up, as below. Once you select "Contact" and start typing the contact name, you will get a list of suggestions as below:

Select the the contact name you require. When you are ready to share the document, click the "Share" button as below:

Your contact will receive an email similar to the below:

If they click "View document" they will be taken to the Heydoc portal and will see the page below:

Once they click "View Document", they will be able to see the record that has been shared as below:

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