Sharing is a function which enables you to share documents, labs, invoices, letters and any other patient record.

It is an encrypted system where the documents you share with the patient are stored on a patient portal which only the patient can view. To access the portal, the patient must enter their date of birth.

How do I share a document with a patient?

To share something with a patient, select the letter, prescription, document, lab or invoice you would like to share, and click the share button like below:

A pop-up box will appear which allows you to add any comments and select to share with the patient:

Once you have added any comments (optional), you can either "Save as draft" and come back to it later, or click "Share".

You can also click the share function within the list of documents, invoices, labs etc rather than going into the item you wish to share. Click the ellipsis "..." on the right hand side of the document you wish to share and a drop down list will appear. Select "Share" and the same pop-up box will appear:

How does the patient access the shared document?

Once you have shared a document with a patient, they will receive an email like below with your own logo and clinic name:

When they click view document, they will be taken to the patient portal and will have to enter their date of birth to access any documents you have shared with them:

Once they have logged into the patient portal, they will see the document you have shared with them, and a list of any documents that have been previously shared with them:

If they click "View prescription", it will look like below with the option to download the prescription in a PDF format:

If they click "Download PDF", their prescription will appear in a PDF format with your logo and relevant details, and with the option to print:

For an example on sharing a lab result with a patient, click here.

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