If you have integrated your Heydoc account with Stripe, you can store your cards payment details and take card payments through Heydoc when paying an invoice, or when a patient makes an online booking.

For information on how to integrate your Heydoc account with Stripe, click here.

How to record a patient's card details

To add card details to a patient record, firstly go to the patient record and click the edit icon:

Scroll down to the 'Card details' section:

Type in the patient's card details as below. You can add multiple payment cards to a patient record:

Once added, ensure you click "Save" to update any changes.

How to take payment when paying an invoice

To take payment from a patient when paying the invoice, go to the invoice and click "Pay":

The following pop-up box will appear allowing you to select the patient's card as the payment type:

Enter in the amount you would like to charge to the card and when you are happy, click "Charge card":

If the patient does not have a payment card attached to their account, click "Add card" as circled below:

This will take you to the patient record to allow you to add their card details.

How to take payment through online booking

To take payment from a patient when they book their appointment online, firstly ensure that your appointment types are set to require payment.

To do this, go to Products and click on the appointment type you would like payment to be taken for when a booking is made:

Click on the edit icon to edit the product:

In the 'Booking options' section, select the 'Requires payment' tick box and click save:

Now when a patient goes to your online booking, and books this appointment, they will have to enter their card details and pay for the appointment to be able to make the booking:

If the patient ticks the box "Remember these card details", the patient's card details will be stored on their patient record.

When the patient books the appointment, a paid invoice will automatically be generated.

Please note that you can only store patient card details and take payment through Heydoc if your account is integrated with Stripe. For information on how to integrate your account with Stripe, click here.

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