You may need to charge different prices for the same product for different patients, depending on their insurance providers.

The first thing you'll need to do is add all the companies/individuals who will offer set pricing to particular patients. To do this go to "Contacts" then "Add contact" and that will take you to the form below where you can fill in all your contact details, click "Save" once complete:

You will then be taken back to your list of current contacts. 

Next you'll need to set up all your products you offer and attach the price for each contact in each product. To do this Click "Products":

Then "Add product" you will see the below page:

Select the "Type" of product:

Then fill in the rest of the details and most importantly, the "Contracts" section:

When you click "Add contract pricing", start typing the name of the contact for whom you wish to add custom pricing and that contact name will appear as an option as below:

In "Price" add the price which this contact would like to offer to their patients then click the tick box on the right to save (you can add as many contacts as you like):

You can create as many different contract prices as you like.

Now go to the patient for whom you would like particular pricing to be used and add this contact in the relationship as below as a "Paying account" or "Insurance Provider". To learn how to add do this click here. Click "Save" once you have added the relationship.

Now go to "Invoices" on this patient's file and create an invoice as usual. In the "To" section you will see the insurance provider or paying account which you created appearing as an option. 

If you select this option then add the line items, all prices will correspond according to the insurance provider selected automatically.

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