There are two methods of sending information to external parties through Heydoc; sharing and email.

What is the sharing function?

The sharing function allows you to share a document with a patient or contact on your system by sending an email with a link to view their document. When the patient or contact clicks 'View document' a unique token is generated to the Heydoc portal, in which the patient or contact will be able to access to view the document. The document remains in the Heydoc servers as below:

For information on how to share with a patient click here.
For information on how to share with a contact click here.

What is the emailing function?

The email function enables you to email documents, invoices and letters to patients and third parties in a PDF format and is a less secure system than the sharing function.

To share a document, in this case an invoice, click into the invoice and click the three dots "..." and select email from the drop down list:

A pop-up box will appear where you can enter who you would like to send the email to and the email subject with any comments:

To send to a third party, you can either manually type in the email address of the third party, or if they are already entered into your contact list, you can begin typing their name and select their name from the drop down list:

To send to the patient, you can either type their email manually or click their name from the suggestions:

Please note, for the patient name to appear as a suggestion, the patient must have an email address attached to their patient record.

Once you have entered the required fields and entered optional comments, click "Send".

The recipient of the email will receive an email which looks like something below with a PDF attached of the invoice shared:

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