In "Labs" you may have some results with the status "Unmatched result" as below:

This means that you have received lab results from your lab but they are not matching with any patient on file. This may be because you ordered them over the phone, manually or a mistake was made in the processing of making the order. Alternatively, these unmatched labs could be sent by a hospital your practice is integrated with as an “unsolicited” lab result.

In order to match these labs, click on the unmatched result and you will be taken to the following page where you can view the unmatched result and match it to a patient record:

The system will suggest an existing patient record on your system, which you can select and match the lab to:

If you select the suggested patient, you can then match this to an existing order in the system or create a new order:

Alternatively you can match with another patient record on the system by searching for the patient name in the field below and selecting the appropriate name:

Or if the patient does not exist on your system, you can click 'Add new patient':

The following pop up box will appear allowing you to create a new patient record to match this result to:

Once you have matched a lab result with a patient, these results will appear in their patient record.

Why is a lab result unmatched?

A lab result may appear unmatched in Heydoc as a result of how it was ordered. Use the chart below to see why your lab may be unmatched:

How to delete an unmatched lab result

For information on how to delete an unmatched result, click here.

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