You may have received lab results into your Heydoc system from your lab provider that do not match a lab order or patient in your system. If you do not want these to remain in your system, you can remove them by deleting them.

To do this, in the 'Labs' section, click on the unmatched result with the status 'Unmatched result' as below:

You will see the following page displaying the lab results and details. Click on 'Delete lab result' in the top right hand corner:

The following pop-up box will appear to confirm that you wish to delete this:

If you wish to delete the unmatched result, click 'Delete' and this result will no longer appear in your system.

Alternatively, you can delete the unmatched result by going to the 'Labs' section and selecting the checkbox as below:

You can select multiple results if you wish to bulk delete these. Once you have selected the unmatched lab results you wish to delete, click on the dropdown arrow in the top left hand corner and select 'Delete selected results' as below:

The unmatched lab results selected will be removed from your system.

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