You may be sending a letter to a patient's GP or wish to insert their details into a letter.

Firstly you must ensure the GP is added as a contact in your system. For more information on how to add a contact, click here.

There are two options on how to insert GP details into a letter.

Option 1 - within the letter template:

When creating a letter template, insert the 'Recipient fields' into the template body as below. Here you will see the option to add the recipient's name, address etc.:

Then when you have finished creating the template and you are writing a letter within the patient record, select your template and then in the 'Recipient' box type the GP's name and select from the drop down list:

This will insert their details into the recipient fields like below:

Option 2 - patient's related accounts:

If you have added the GP as a relationship to the patient, when writing the letter you can then insert the address into the text. For more information on how to create a relationship between the patient and the GP click here.

To do this, when writing the letter, click on 'Patient details' as below. Then select 'Related accounts'. Find the relationship type e.g. 'Practitioner' and then you will see the GP's name. Select the name and then you can click on the detail you wish to enter into the letter e.g. Address:

This will then insert the detail into the letter like below:

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