If you 'Share' a received lab result by clicking on the share button as below, this result only goes to the patient. Lab results can only be shared with patients from the labs section however there are alternative ways to share a lab result with a contact.

A way to share the received lab results with a contact is by inserting the lab results into a letter and then sharing the letter with the contact.

To insert the lab results into a letter, start writing a letter in the patient record. You will see a button "Lab details". If you click on this, you will a list of dates of received labs. Select the date and the results will insert into the letter:

Once you have saved the letter, click the 'Share' button:

The following pop-up box will appear. Click "Contact" and then search for the contact you wish to share the results with. Click "Share" once the contact has been selected:

Do ensure the recipient is first added as a contact in your system. For more information on how to do this, click here.

A final alternative way to send the lab results to a non-patient is by downloading the result from Heydoc and sending them externally to the recipient. To download the result click on the print icon as below:

This will then generate a PDF of the lab results which you can download by clicking the download button:

You can then send this to your recipient externally from Heydoc.

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