You may have instances where your patients are able to book into the 'General' column in your calendar rather than with a specific practitioner.

If you wish for your patients to be able to book with a practitioner rather than in 'General', first go to your online booking settings and click on the link you wish to edit:

In the 'Book practitioner' section, ensure that "Allow patients to book with a specific practitioner" is ticked as below:

Click "Save" at the top of the page to update any changes.

Next you will need to ensure there is availability in the 'General' column in your calendar at all. The below example shows where there is General availability in the calendar:

To remove the General availability go to "Settings" and then "Availability". In the 'Locations' section you may see availability added in. This availability reflects the 'General' availability and is not linked to a specific practitioner:

If you do not wish to use this availability at all, you can remove this from the calendar. To do so, click on the date where you wish to remove the availability and click on the cross to remove the time:

Then click on the tick to save this change:

Do this for each day and each location to ensure there is no General availability. This will then prevent patients being able to book in the 'General' column through the online booking feature.

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