A role is what you assign to a user to define their access rights in the system.

There are three types of "System Roles" which can not be changed but are free for you to assign to your users; Manager, Practitioner and Medical Assistant.

If you would like to have full permission rights, ensure you assign yourself the role 'Manager'. Within Heydoc this role is defined as the "Super admin" they will have access to every part of the system and are allowed to do anything.

To create a custom role click "New" in the top right hand corner:

You will be lead to the page below where you can customise as you require, switch on and off what you would like this particular role to be able to view and perform within the system.

Caution: The "Manager users" right gives the user ability to change all roles including their own. Therefore this right should only be given to a Super admin:

Click the blue "Save" button in the top right hand corner when you're finished:

You can then assign a role to the user in 'Users' settings in the 'User access roles' section:

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