In Heydoc, users are unable to generate an electronic prescription for controlled drugs and these must be generated externally using a paper form.

You can still record the administering of the controlled drug in the consultation notes however as you would with any normal medication in Heydoc.

To record the controlled drug, write a new consultation note and select the blue 'Medication' field:

This field is linked with the MIMS database. If you begin typing the controlled drug name, options will appear to select from the MIMS database and the drug will appear with the alert 'Controlled drug' in red as below:

The medication will display as a 'Controlled drug' and will alert the user on the right hand side of this and any possible warnings and side effects:

When the consultation note is saved, this will appear on the record like below alerting the user that this controlled drug must be prescribed externally from Heydoc in red:

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