Once you have submitted an invoice to Healthcode, it will appear like below with a status next to 'Outstanding':

The below explains what these different statuses are and what they indicate about your invoice that you have submitted to Healthcode:

'Unprocessed' - the invoice has been sent to Healthcode but has not yet been received by them/processed by them

'Validated' - Healthcode have received this invoice

'Awaiting collection' - the invoice is awaiting collection from the insurance company

'Collected' - the invoice has been collected by the insurance company

Please note that once Healthcode have sent the invoice to the insurance company, they receive no further information regarding this invoice. Communication is only one way, so once this invoice has been paid by the insurance company this payment will not be recorded automatically and you will need to record this invoice as paid. Click here to see how to record payment on an invoice.

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