You may require your patient to send you documentation such as a scan of their passport or a medical note. You can ask them to send this to you within a questionnaire.

For more information on how to create and send a questionnaire, click here.

To enable your patients to upload an image/document to a questionnaire, add in a new question in your questionnaire settings by clicking "Add question":

In the "Question text" type the question you wish to ask your patient e.g. 'Please upload a copy of your passport'. In the "Question type" field select "File upload" from the drop down list:

If you require your patient to upload another document, click "Add question" again and repeat the process:

Click "Save" at the top of the page to update your changes and to save your questionnaire.

When you send your questionnaire to your patient, the question will appear something like below with the option for your patient to click "Choose Files":

They can then select a file from their desktop (this must be a PDF of JPEG file). Once selected this will appear like below:

Your patient can upload more than one document for one question by selecting multiple documents from their desktop:

For example if I select 3 documents, this will appear as below stating '3 files':

When your patient submits the questionnaire, if you then go to the "Documents" section in their patient record, you will see their document/image has been uploaded:

Please note your patient will only be able to upload a .pdf or .jpg file to their questionnaire. Other file types are not supported by this feature.

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