If you are a patient, when you join a video consultation from the link in your confirmation or reminder email please ensure the following has been done.

  • Browsers and devices:

Please use browsers that support video calls. On computers, we support most browsers like Chrome and Firefox. For Apple mobile devices or iPads please use Safari and for Android mobile devices please use Chrome. If you are using a phone device, the video will end if you leave the browser, so kindly stay on the browser until your appointment has ended.

Please do not use Internet Explorer and versions of Microsoft Edge that are not Chromium based, as they do not support video technology.

  • Allow access to microphone and camera:

When joining the call your browser will ask you to allow both camera and microphone, please click allow. For Google Chrome, click on "Allow" or click on the padlock icon next to your search bar to access settings. For Safari also click "Allow" on the pop up to accept the request. All browsers have settings where you can edit camera and microphone access.

Example on Chrome browser

Two examples on a Safari browser

  • Call ending:

If you accidentally leave the call or perhaps your Wifi cuts out, the message below may appear:

To rejoin you can either refresh the page, or close the window the video call was on and click on the link in your email.

  • Camera and microphone:

If you wish at any point to mute yourself or turn off your camera you can do so by selecting the icons below.

To mute yourself select the icon below and it will appear like this:

To turn off your camera select the icon below and your screen will appear blank:

Other matters:

  • Are you able to open hyperlinks in your email? If you have settings turned on to block accessing links from your inbox then please copy the link instead. To do this please highlight the link, right-click and select 'Copy Link Address' and paste this into a browser:

  • Are you using the right link? There is a unique link for each appointment - you will be able to tell if you have selected the right link by looking on the left-hand side to see if the correct date and time appear:

  • Video and sound quality? If you are hearing an echo we would recommend using headphones to prevent this. Similarly, try to ensure you have a good internet connection to prevent low video quality. Low battery and too many applications open can also slow down you device, which can result in poor video quality.

  • The video connection is brought to you by Twilio, if you would like to test prior to this call click here.

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