You can automatically upload lab products to your "Products" in Heydoc with your choice of markup on the price to your patients.

To do this, go to "Settings", and then "Lab settings", you will see the section "Upload labs list" as below:

Here you can select the lab provider list you wish to upload to your system; TDL or Nationwide Pathology.

You can then type your choice of markup. For example, a 150% markup would mean your lab product list will be uploaded with a price of 150% of the original price.

Please note the minimum number you can choose is 100%.

If you then click "Upload list", you will see the following message pop up informing you that the product list is uploading. This will take several minutes to appear in your account.

After several minutes if you then go to the "Products" section, you will see the lab products have been uploaded with your price markup:

You can view the product details by clicking on the lab product from the list. You can also edit the details such as the price by clicking on the edit button as below:

If you wish to upload the lab products for both TDL and Nationwide, you can do so by going back to the lab settings and selecting the provider from the drop down list as circling below:

If you wish to re-upload the labs list with a different mark-up, simply come back to "Lab settings", type in your required markup and click "Upload list". This will update the existing lab lists in your products to the new markup price.

For more information on labs and how to manually create lab products, click here.

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