You may occasionally see an error message when attempting to submit an invoice to Healthcode. The below will give an explanation for these errors:

"Healthcode API: Invalid Username/Password" - Your Healthcode credentials may be incorrect.

Solution: Check that these are correctly inserted into the relevant sections in Heydoc. If these are correct, do reach out to Healthcode as they may have to re-issue you with new credentials.

"Healthcode API: Problem with ProcCode: Invalid Code" - the procedure code for the invoice product is invalid for the insurance provider.

Solution: ensure that your procedure has a correct Industry standard code/CCSD code for the addressed insurance provider. You can amend this by going to "Products" and editing your procedure to see the following section:

"Healthcode API: Problem with Diagnosis: Code not Mapped" - The primary diagnosis selected is not valid for the addressed insurance provider.

Solution: select a primary diagnosis that is accepted by the insurance provider. Kindly reach out to the insurance provider for these details.

"Healthcode API: Problem with ProviderNo: Invalid Code" / EDI error of Healthcode API: Problem with payee no: Invalid code" - The Healthcode identifier inserted into your practitioner's user settings is incorrect.

Solution: Do ensure you have inserted this correctly. This will be the practitioner's GMC number with the number 0 at the front.

"Healthcode API: BadRequestError: Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND" - Healthcode is down and there is a problem with the external DNS record for

Solution: Reach out to Healthcode for further information.

"Healthcode API: Bad-RequestError: Error: Request failed with status code 502" - Healthcode is down.

Solution: Reach out to Healthcode for further information.

If you have any further queries, email who will be able to assist further.

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