You may occasionally see an error message in the top right hand corner of your screen in a red error box when attempting to submit an invoice to Healthcode. The below will give an explanation for these errors and a solution to resolve them.

Please note that if the solution includes reaching out to the insurance company it is very important that you request to speak to the "Contracts team" specifically about your issue.

"Healthcode API: Invalid Username/Password" - Your Healthcode credentials may be incorrect.

Solution: Check that these are correctly inserted into the relevant sections in Heydoc. If these are correct, do reach out to Healthcode as they may have to re-issue you with new credentials.

"Healthcode API: Problem with ProcCode: Invalid Code" - the procedure code for the invoice product is invalid for the insurance provider.

Solution: ensure that your procedure has a correct Industry standard code/CCSD code for the addressed insurance provider. You can amend this by going to "Products" and editing your procedure to see the following section:

"Healthcode API: Problem with Diagnosis: Code not Mapped" - The primary diagnosis selected is not valid for the addressed insurance provider.

Solution: select a primary diagnosis that is accepted by the insurance provider. Kindly reach out to the insurance provider for these details.

"Healthcode API: Problem with AuthCode: Invalid Format" - The authorisation code for your patients insurance details has been entered incorrectly

Solution: Edit the patient relationship with the insurance provider and amend the authorisation code so that this in the correct format:

"Healthcode API: Problem with ProviderNo: Invalid Code" / "Healthcode API: Problem with payee no: Invalid code" - There are two causes of this error:

1) The Healthcode identifier inserted into your practitioner's user settings is incorrect.

Solution: Do ensure you have inserted this correctly. This will be the practitioner's GMC number with the number 0 at the front.

2) The entity is not recognised by the insurer being billed.

Solution: Reach out to Healthcode about your account and ask them to set your account up so that it is recognised by the insurer.

"Healthcode API: Problem with ServiceCode: Code not valid for insurer" - The industry standard code for the product is not accepted by the insurance provider.

Solution: in the product settings, in the Healthcode section enter a valid industry standard code for the insurance provider.

"Healthcode API: Problem with ValidToDate: May not be before the latest date of service" - This error is related to the invoice issued date being before the date of the appointment.

"Healthcode API: provider not mapped" - The payee provider or provider of the service selected is not mapped to your Healthcode account.

Solution: reach out to Healthcode customer services to ask that they map the provider to your Healthcode account.

"Healthcode API: Problem with FDOS: May not be after Today" - The procedure/appointment is in the future.

Solution: submit the invoice to Healthcode on the day of or day after the procedure

"Healthcode API: Problem with Insurer: Invalid Insurer" - The insurance provider contact does not have a Healthcode identifier,

Solution: Go to contacts, and find the insurance provider. Edit the contact and select the correct Healthcode identifier for this insurance provider.

"Healthcode API: Problem with ServiceCode: The insurer you're billing requires an agreed fee for this service prior to billing." - This relates to tariff validation. Some insurers validate the price being charged for services against the contract prices, so they don’t receive invoices that they will have to shortfall.

Solution: Log into your Healthcode ePractice site to set a fee. Call Healthcode customer services if you need any assistance with this. Once the fee is set this error should stop.

"Healthcode API: Problem with InvoiceNo: Duplicate Invoice" - This invoice has already been submitted to Healthcode therefore it will not submit again.

Solution: you do not need to submit this invoice to Healthcode again as this will have gone through. Is there a status appearing on the invoice to indicate this has been submitted to Healthcode like below? If not, please reach out to Heydoc support with the invoice number so this can be investigated. For more information on Healthcode statuses click here.

Healthcode API: Invalid Request Format/Processing Error - The invoice you are submitting has incorrect formatting

Solution: Please check the patient record for any invalid characters. For example, the patient address may have a hyphen or apostrophe when this is not needed. Please remove these, edit and save the invoice and attempt to submit again.

"Healthcode API: BadRequestError: Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND" - Healthcode is down and there is a problem with the external DNS record for

Solution: Reach out to Healthcode for further information.

"Healthcode API: Bad-RequestError: Error: Request failed with status code 502" - Healthcode is down.

Solution: Reach out to Healthcode for further information.

"Healthcode API: Access denied" - this is a fault from Healthcode

Solution: Reach out to Healthcode for further information.

If you have any further queries, email who will be able to assist further.

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