You may want to order a lab test without entering a sample date in the request.

For example, you may be requesting home testing kits where the sample date is dependent on when the patient performs the test and therefore the sample date is not controlled by the clinic.

It is possible in Heydoc to request a lab without a sample date and this date is then updated by your integrated laboratory when the results are pushed through to your Heydoc system.

To order a lab request without a sample date, firstly go to "Settings" and then "Medical settings". In the labs section, untick the box 'Default sample date to current date':

When you then order your lab in the consultation notes, leave the 'Sample date' field empty. For more information on how to order a lab request, click here:

Order the lab test by clicking the "Order labs" button:

The lab request will be generated and no sample date is sent to your laboratory:

The sample date is also left blank on the form for the patient or relevant person to fill out manually:

If neither patient or the clinician fills out the sample date in the lab request form, the laboratory will fill it in based on their internal policy.

At the reception of the lab results, the sample date entered in the consultation (if any) will be overwritten by the value defined and sent by the laboratory according to their internal policy.

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