Someone else may pay for an invoice on behalf of your patient, such as an employer, a parent or guardian or another family member. You therefore may want to add them as a paying account on a patient record so that you can address the invoice to the appropriate payer.

The paying account can either be an existing patient record on your system or a contact in your system. For information on how to add a contact, click here.

Once you paying account has a record in your system, you can then link them as the paying account of your patient.

How to create a paying account on a patient record

To do this, go to the patient record you would like to add this paying account to and click the edit button on their 'Summary' page:

Scroll down to the 'Relationships and emergency contacts' section and click "Add relationship":

The following pop-up box will appear. Selecting 'Paying account' as the relationship type:

In the 'Patient or contact name' field, start typing the name of the paying account and select from the drop down list:

When you are finished, click "Add relationship":

Click "Save" to update your changes:

How to create an invoice for a paying account

When creating an invoice for a patient to the paying account, ensure you select the patient's name in the 'Patient' field.

In the 'To' field, you will then see the option to select the paying account, select this account:

Once you have filled in all the invoice details, click "Save invoice". The invoice will include the paying account details like below:

For more information on how to create an invoice click here.

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