You may want to add your procedures to your system and the relevant Healthcode codes for billing purposes. For information on how to integrate your Heydoc system with Healthcode, click here.

To add a new procedure, go to the 'Products' tab and click 'New' as below:

The following page will appear. Select 'Procedure' as the product type:

Then fill in your procedure details in the relevant fields.

If you wish, the name can be the procedure code. Type the procedure code or procedure name into the 'Name' field and you will see the code name options in the drop down list. You can either select one of the options or free-type the name (please note you will still need to enter the relevant codes in the 'Healthcode' section at the bottom of the page if you are wishing to bill through Healthcode):

The 'Price (£)' field is how much this procedure costs for your patient (self-pay).

If you would like to add different insurance prices, you can add various prices in the 'Contract pricing' section. For more information on contract pricing, click here.

In the Healthcode section is where you add the Healthcode codes relevant to this procedure for billing purposes:

First select the 'Industry standard code' by typing in the name or the code or by selecting from the most common options presented in the drop down list:

Once you have selected the Industry standard code, if required enter the 'Procedure Code (CCSD)' by typing the name/code and selecting one of the options:

Please note, if the procedure code is not required (this depends on the industry standard code), you will not be able to enter a procedure code and the field will disappear like below:

Once you have added all the details, click 'Save' in the top left hand corner.

If you wish for this procedure to be bookable in the calendar, do ensure you select the checkbox 'This product can be booked in the calendar' and the "Booking options" section will appear for you to fill in such as the duration of the procedure:

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