In order to transfer your data to Heydoc from your previous system or from your local computer, you may wish to use Heydoc's sFTP (secure file transfer protocol).

An sFTP essentially creates a secure bridge between the data holder's computer and Heydoc. In order to connect to our sFTP, all the data holder would need is a file transfer program such as FileZilla as well as unique credentials which Heydoc will provide you with. These credentials will include the following: host (address), username, and a file with a secure key.

The following guide will show you how to access Heydoc's sFTP so you can upload your data to this. Please note that in the below example, the file transfer program used is FileZilla.

  1. If you do not already have a file transfer program, download one such as FileZilla (

2. Once you have downloaded FileZilla, open the program and click on the following icon to access the sFTP:

3. The 'Site Manager' pop-up box will appear.

Click 'New site' as below:

4. Remain in 'General' as below, and enter in your sFTP credentials that the Customer Success team have provided to you.

Ensure that in the Protocol field, you select 'SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol' and the the Logon Type selected is 'Key file'.

Enter in the unique credentials that the Customer Success team will have provided you with:



-Key file (this is a downloadable file containing a key)

5. Once the credentials have been entered, click 'Connect':

Once connected to the server, you will then be able to upload your files to the sFTP by dragging your files from your desktop displayed on the left side to the server displayed on the right side:

You will find further instructions on the FileZilla site here:

If you are unable to connect to the server, it may be because your internet provider has a firewall or is blocking port 22 (the port which Heydoc's sFTP is ran on). We recommend you speak to your IT manager about this.

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