If you already have existing locations in Heydoc, all location names will be duplicated such as each location will have an underlying room with the same name.

You will see these appearing as below in your Location settings:

This will not affect your online booking nor the existing bookings in the calendar. These existing bookings will appear in the calendar under the corresponding room.

How can I create and organise rooms within my current locations?

For more information on how to create and edit rooms, click here.

You may already have set up various rooms as 'Locations' in Heydoc pre-deployment and now you can set up each room under each appropriate location.

The following table will give you a guide on how to organise your rooms:

Once you have created your individual rooms, you can then move your existing bookings to the appropriate room simply by clicking on the booking and dragging and dropping them to the appropriate 'Room'.

Alternatively you can bulk move all bookings from one room (column in the calendar) to a new room you have set up. To do this, ensure you are currently looking at your calendar in 'view by - practitioner' and are in 'Day' view.

By the location name, click on the three dots as below and the following sidebar will appear:

Then select the Room from the location drop down list you wish to move this to, and click 'Move':

This will move all bookings for that practitioner on that day to the Room you selected.

TIP: How to manage my practice location if my practice has a single location with a single room?

Your location with your single room may appear like something below:

This will appear in the calendar like below with the name format:

<Location long name> - <location long name used as room name>

e.g. 'Heydoc Surgery - Heydoc Surgery':

You may want to rename your rooms so this name appears shorter on your appointments calendar.

e.g. <Location long name> - Main

Or 1

Or Prime

or HQ

For more information on how to edit your rooms, click here.

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