Your practice may have a location in which you provide services in multiple rooms. Or you may be a remote clinic which operates across multiple "Virtual rooms". You can set these rooms up in Heydoc and assign services to a room and set up practitioner availability for a room.

How do I create a room?

To create a room first ensure you have created a location where this room is.

To create a location, go to Settings and then Locations, and click 'New':

image.png (2838×1208)

Enter in the relevant details for your location and click 'Save':

This location will then appear in your list without any rooms as below:

To create a room, click on the three dots as below and click either 'Add room':

This will take you to the following page where you can give the room a name and select the 'Services provided' in this room. Click 'Save':

Alternatively to add and edit rooms, you can click on the three dots and click 'Edit' as below:

This will allow you to edit the location and add/edit rooms in the section 'Rooms':

How do I see what rooms are in a location?

To see room details, click on the arrow of your location:

This will expand to show a list of the rooms in your location and the number of services provided in this location:

How to delete a room?

To delete a room, click on the three dots by the room you wish to delete and select 'Delete' from the drop down list:

This will bring up the following pop-up box for you to confirm the deletion of this room:

WARNING If you delete a room, this room and associated bookings will no longer appear in the appointment calendar, however all bookings will remain on the patient summary page and in the bookings report in 'Analytics'.

Adding practitioner and room availability

To add availability for a room and a practitioner's availability in a room, go to "Settings" and then "Availability".

You can then add your rooms opening times, in the 'Locations' section:

image.png (2590×1450)

In the 'Practitioners' section, you can add your practitioners availabilities in each room:

For more information on how to add availabilities, click here.

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