You may want to allocate particular ID Numbers to your patients.

In order to do this, click "Settings" at the top of your page and then "Patient settings" on the left and you will see the page below:

On your system you will already have a "Heydoc/System ID" number labelled as "System"/"Primary" on the right, this is an ID for internal use and is allocated to all patients:

To create a new patient ID number, click "Add number":

Type the name of the customised ID number which you want to add (e.g NHS Number). Once you're happy with your text, go ahead and click the "✓" on the right as below:

You will now see your saved ID Numbers, you can create as many ID Numbers as you wish. If you click the "..." at the side as circled below you will be able to "Delete" or "Make primary" which means that this ID will be visible on the front of the patient file, if added:

To do this, go to "Patients" select the patient for whom you would like to add an ID Number, then click on the edit icon in the top right hand corner as below:

Scroll down until you see "ID numbers" as below and enter the number for this particular patient, click the blue "Save" button above:

You will now be able to see this ID number as below on the front of the patient summary page (if you decide to make the "NHS Number" primary):

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