You may want record enquiries on Heydoc. To do so you can assign labels to patients and keep track on the threshold for this enquiry. For greater information on how to create labels click here.

To start tracking enquiries, you first need to create a label for it in 'Label settings'.

To do this, go to Settings, then select 'Label settings' from the left hand side:

Click 'add label', type in the label name (e.g. Enquiries) and then assign it a colour:

Once you're happy with your text and colour selection, go ahead and click "✓" on the right as pointed out below:

You can then assign this label to a patient when they reach out regarding enquiries. Search for the patient's name and go to their patient summary page. Click 'Label' to add your enquiry label:

Start typing in the name of the label and then select it from the drop down list. Once you have selected it, click the tick icon to save this to the patient's record:

Continue to assign the label to patient records to keep track of enquiries. You can check how many people have enquired by selecting ‘All’, this will produce a list of your labels and the number of patients with the given labels:

When your enquiry amount has been reached you can go ahead and remove the labels from the patients. Select 'All' as above and then select the label. This will show all patients with the 'Enquiries' label:

Click on the checkbox in the left hand corner which will select all the patients with the attached label:

Click on the downward arrow icon and select 'Remove Enquiries label':

The following pop-up box will appear. To confirm that you wish to remove this label, click 'Remove':

All labels have now been removed for this enquiry.

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