You may have added labels to your patient records and would like to remove these for your patient or multiple patients in one go. For more information on how to create patient labels, click here.

There are two ways to remove a label from a patient record:

  • Within the patient's record

To do this, go into the patient record and click the edit icon as below:

You can then remove the label by backspacing the label and then click the tick to save these changes:

  • From the 'Patients' tab

Within the patients tab you can remove all labels from a patient record or bulk remove labels from a number of patient records.

How to remove all labels from one patient record

To do this, in the 'Patients' tab, search and select your patient by selecting the tickbox:

Then click on the arrow and select 'Remove all labels' as below:

How to remove a specific patient label from a patient or multiple patients

If you wish to remove a specific patient label, in the 'Patients' tab, select the box beside the patient's name you wish to remove the label for:

You can then select patients with the same label. Please note, when you select a patient's name it will only let you then select patients that have the pre-selected label in common:

To then remove their common label, click the arrow and click 'Remove patient label' as below:

The following pop-up box will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to remove this label. To confirm this, click 'Remove':

This will then remove the label from your selected patient records.

Alternatively, filter your patient labels by clicking 'All' and then select your chosen label:

If you wish to remove the label from all the patients, select the tick box as below and this will select all patients:

If you wish to remove the label from a select number of patients, select the tickbox for each individual patient:

To then remove the label, tick on the arrow by the tickbox and select 'Remove label name':

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