You may want to send an email to all of your patients. To do this you can extract your patients email addresses from Heydoc to then send using your email platform external from Heydoc.

Firstly, head to the 'Analytics' and scroll down the page until you see 'Reports':

Select the 'Patient data' report and select 'All' for all patients. Here you can also choose to select from labels, so if you wish to email only a group of labelled patients kindly select the labels name. For more information on labels click here.

Click 'Generate report' and this will create a report for you in a spreadsheet format. This report will look similar to the one below, in which you can copy the patients email addresses from the email column:

Once you have extracted all the emails from this list, you can then use these to send an email to all your patients using your email platform.

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