Once you have installed the MS Word add-in feature, you can begin creating letter templates in MS Word and use these templates for letters to upload to Heydoc. For more information on how to install the add-in, click here.

Once you have created your letters in Word, you can then upload these to the patient file and send these to a patient or contact through Heydoc.

How to create a template in Word

Firstly, ensure you are in MS Word and have logged into Heydoc in the Word add-in. At the bottom of the sidebar, click 'Create template':

This will then enable you to begin creating your template within Word. You can free type in the document and also use the placeholders in the sidebar to enter in fields such as the patient demographics.

Please note that you can either enter in placeholders from the side bar or you can free type these:

When you are finished creating your template, click 'Save template':

Enter a name for this template and click 'Save' when complete:

This saved template will then appear in the list of recent templates:

Any saved template will be visible to all users on your system to therefore use and amend.

How to create a letter using a template

Select your template from your list of recent templates or search for your template name in the search bar. Then search for the patient name for whom you wish to create this template for in the search bar and select the name from the drop down list:

You can also add contact information into a letter too by searching for the contact name in the search bar.

You can add multiple templates into one letter if you wish. When you have finished creating your letter, click 'Save to patient file':

Enter the name of the document and click 'Save':

Where is the saved letter in Heydoc?

Once you have saved the letter, this will deposit in the 'Documents' section of the patient record as a Word document:

You can then share or email this with your patient or a contact as you would any document, by clicking on the three dots and selecting 'Share' or 'Email' from the drop down list:

How to upload previously created documents as templates

You may have previously created templates or booking forms on Word which you wish to upload to Heydoc. To do this, open up your document in Word and open up the Heydoc sidebar. Click 'Create template':

Amend the template as necessary and click 'Save' template' when you are finished:

Give the template a name and save this:

You can then use this template and populate with the patient information:

How to open the letter

If you click on the document, this will download to your files ready for you to open in Word


What examples of files can I edit with Word Add-In?

  • Referral letters

  • Follow up letters to patients:
    - Follow up appointment
    - Surgery After Care

  • Health reports
    - Blood results
    - Patient consultation summary

  • Hospital Admittance forms
    - MRI forms
    - Clinical forms

What’s a placeholder?

Keywords that are used in Word Add-in that are replaced with Heydoc data. For example {patient.title}, {patient.name} etc.

Can I delete templates from the add-in?

It is not possible to delete templates from the add-in but you can remove them from the view of recent templates by either clicking on the cross by the template name or clicking 'Clear' to remove all from the view:

Do I have to use the Word add-in feature to create and use letter templates?

Not at all, you can still create and use letter templates using our letter feature within Heydoc.

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