You may want to keep track of your stock levels of your products such as medication and vaccines. You can add the stock level to your products and this will automatically decrease if this has been issued in a consultation and then invoiced for.

To record the stock level of your product, when creating a product, enter in the number of stock you have in the 'Stock level' field as below. For information on how to create and edit a product click here:

Once you wish to issue a product to a client, start a consultation with the patient and select the 'Product' field:

Start typing in the product name and select it from the drop down list once it appears. Add any additional comments you may wish to and then save the consultation:

Next, the product must be invoiced. To do this, go to the 'Invoices' section in the patient record and select 'New' to generate an invoice for this product:

The product will automatically pull into the 'Line items' section. Fill in the relevant information and click 'Save invoice' once complete:

Since a consultation and invoice was issued in correlation with the product, this will adjust the stock level automatically. You can kindly head to the product and see the decrease in stock:

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