You may not be receiving emails from Heydoc or your recipient may not be receiving your emails. The following article explains how to check the delivery status of your emails and steps to ensure that emails are delivered successfully.

Your Heydoc emails

Regarding notifications and emails from Heydoc, if you are not receiving these ensure the Heydoc domain is whitelisted as your email domain provider is blocking the incoming of Heydoc emails To do this go to your domain provider and ask if they can whitelist the following domains: and If you need our sending IP addresses, do get in touch with support.

Please note whitelisting is only possible if you have a business grade email address.

Once your domain provider has white listed these domains do contact

We also suggest that you check your junk/spam folder and other folders within your inbox where these may have been deposited.

Recipients emails

Kindly read through the following factors regarding email delivery to your recipient.

  • Check Junk/Spam

Your recipients email may have ended up in their junk/spam folder. Ensure first that your patient has checked this folder. Whether an email ends in the "Spam" folder is a decision made by the recipient's email provider. Urging your patients to click "Not spam" when an email is in the Spam folder will have a huge impact on your delivery and prevent this in the future.

  • Appointment confirmation and reminder emails and logs

In the patient logs section, you can check the delivery status of any appointment confirmation emails you have sent or any appointment reminder emails that are automatically sent. Here you can gauge if the email was bounced, delivered and even opened by your patient.

A successfully sent appointment confirmation/reminder email will be displayed in the logs that the email has been delivered and then opened by the recipient as below:

If an appointment confirmation/reminder email was sent but the email did not reach the recipient's inbox it may look like the following in the logs with the status deferred or bounced:

An email can bounce if the email address is incorrect or does not exist. Additionally the recipients email server may have blocked this incoming email. Heydoc cannot control whether your patients email server will receive any emails sent out from Heydoc. In cases like these, we suggest you reach out to the patient and see if they are able to contact their domain provider to prevent this in the future or ask if they can provide an alternative email address.

For all other emails sent to your patient or contacts that are not appointment confirmation/reminder emails, these will appear in the logs as 'sent', meaning that the email was sent from Heydoc but this does not indicate whether this was successfully received by your patient or contacts email.

  • Shared documents with a patient

If you have shared an item with your patient, a successful share will show that the email has been sent, and they have clicked the link and logged in to their patient portal with their DOB. For more information on sharing documents with your patient and the patient portal kindly click here.

  • The correct email address

Ensure that your recipients email address is inserted correctly in their record, that these is no spelling errors or spaces within the field as this will affect the deliverability of the email:

  • Check additional folders in the Inbox

Some emails may be deposited in a folder within your recipient's inbox such as 'Marketing' or 'Social' and not in their main inbox:

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