The below article will give some tips on how to ensure you have a successful video consultation through Heydoc with your patient.

For more information on how to set up and use the video consultation feature, click here.

Correct browsers

Kindly check to see if you and your client are using the correct browsers. On computers, we support most browsers like Chrome and Firefox. For Apple mobile devices or iPads please use Safari and for Android mobile devices please use Chrome. We do not support Internet Explorer and all versions of Microsoft Edge that are not Chromium based. For greater information on browser requirements please click here.

Allow access to camera and microphone

When you start a video call your browser may ask for permission to access the camera and microphone on your device. This will differ depending on the browser and device you are using. For Google Chrome, click on "Allow" or click on the padlock icon next to your search bar to access settings. For Safari also click "Allow" on the pop up to accept the request. All browsers have settings where you can edit camera and microphone access.

Example on Chrome browser

Example on Safari browser

You can also check your browsers privacy and security settings and to see if the following website is allowed access to the microphone and camera for the practitioner. For your patient, the website must be allowed access to their microphone and camera.

Close any other video platform

The video camera needs to be available for the call and not used anywhere else. Kindly close any video call platforms and close the camera app on your device.

Video link

Ensure you have set up your video consultation email confirmation and included the video link. For more information on how to do this, click here.

If the patient can no longer find their email with the video link you can resend this to them. Kindly click on the video consultation booking within the calendar and copy the link below. You can then send this to your patient via email or SMS.

Other factors that may help

  • Ensure your microphone and webcam is correctly set up on your device and installed if necessary

  • Ensure your patient also has a microphone and webcam

  • Installing the latest version of your internet browser

  • Wear earphones/headphones - wearing earphones/headphones can help reduce any feedback into the microphone which can be caused by a delay in audio due to internet speed

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