The clinic view in the appointments calendar allows you to browse all bookings across all locations in a single view.

How to change my calendar to clinic view?

In your calendar view, click 'view by' as circled below and select 'Clinic View':

You will then see the following page and can select the locations you wish to view by clicking 'locations' and ticking the necessary locations:

What is in the view?

In the clinic view, you will see the following:

  • One column per location

  • One card per availability slot per practitioner

If you hover over a booking which is not fully visible in the calendar because the appointment duration is short for example, this will expand the booking so you can see the time details:

Similarly, if you hover over the comments icon as circled below, you will be able to see any comments related to the booking:

If you want to see the booking details, click on the appointment, and the booking details will appear on the right hand side:

Out of availability bookings

Any bookings made which are out of the practitioner's availability are flagged in the view under the title 'Out of hours' if they are related to an existing availability:

If a booking is occurring completely outside of an availability, the booking is displayed in an 'Out of hours' card, marked in grey:

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