Firstly, to add insurance details ensure that the insurance provider has been added as a contact. For more information on how to add a contact please click here.

Once the contact has been added, go to the patient record you would like to add the insurance details for and then click the edit button like below:

Scroll down to the ‘Relationships and emergency contacts’ section and click ‘Add relationship’:

Then select ‘Insurance provider’ as the relationship type:

Start typing in the name of the insurance provider and select it from the drop down list:

Fill in the policy number and authorisation code and click 'Add relationship':

The insurance provider will now appear in the 'Relationship and emergency contacts' section, finally click 'Save' to update the patient's record:

How to invoice the insurance provider

When the insurance details are saved to a patient's record an invoice can be billed to this contact.

When generating an invoice, select the insurance provider in the 'To' section as below:

When you have finished filling in the invoice details, click 'Save'. The invoice will be addressed to the insurance provider as seen below:

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