What is an access group?

An access group is a group of patient or contact records on your system of which you can assign users to. Only the assigned users will be able to see these specific records.

Access group set-up

If you wish to use this feature, go to Settings > Access groups and tick the box 'Display access groups' as circled below:

By default, two group types are created in your practice:

  • One Public group with all patients and contacts and users. All users added in Public will access all patients and contacts records with no restrictions

  • A practitioner driven group created automatically when a user is created with Practitioner = Yes

How to create bespoke access groups

To create a new access group, go to Settings > Access groups and click 'New':

Then fill in the necessary details for your bespoke access group and tick the users you would like to associate with this group.

How to assign users to access groups

There are two ways to assign users to an access group.

  • From within the Access Group settings

Go to Settings > Access groups and select the access group. Tick the users you would like to assign to the group and click 'Save':

  • From within the User settings

Alternatively, you can assign a user to the access group in the User settings. Go to Settings > Users, and select a user:

If the tick box 'Can this user see all patients?' is selected, the user will be assigned to the 'Public' access group and will be able to see all patients:

If you untick this box, the following 'Access groups' section will appear on the right hand side and you can then assign your patient to different access groups by clicking on the edit icon:

You can then select the access groups you would like to assign to the user from the drop down list:

Click the tick once you have finished adding the access groups:

Click 'Save' to update the changes:

NB: When adding a user for whom you would like to restrict access to their patient list only ensure to remove the user from the Public group.

How to assign a patient or contact to an access group

All patients and contacts will be assigned the access group 'Public'. Please note that this cannot be changed:

You can assign a patient or contact to multiple access groups. To do this go to the patient or contact record you would like to assign to an access group. Under the name, hover your mouse and click on the edit icon which appears as circled below:

The following box will appear. Click in the box, begin typing your access group name and select one of the access groups from the drop down list:

Once you have added the access groups to the record, click the tick as circled below:

Alternatively, whenever you book a patient in for an appointment, it will automatically assign it to the practitioner's access group with whom their appointment is booked in with. You can also assign or remove additional access groups whilst making the booking by clicking the edit button as circled below:

Begin typing the access group name and select the relevant option from the drop down list:

These access groups will then appear on the patient record in their summary page once you have saved the booking.

How to remove a patient or contact from an access group

To remove a patient or contact from an access group, hover your cursor by the current access group labels and click the edit icon as below:

Click on the 'x' to remove the access group and ensure you click on the tick to save these changes:

What do the access restrictions apply to?

When setup, the access restrictions apply to:

  • Patient

  • Contacts

  • Bookings

  • Tasks related to a patient

Access restrictions do not apply to:

  • Availabilities (both ad-hoc and recurrent)

  • Out of the office events in the calendar

  • Tasks unrelated to a patient

  • Products

  • Analytics

  • Labs that are not assigned to a patient (such as Unmatched Labs)

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