Heydoc is predominantly browser-based software, which means it can be run on all full desktop operating systems (MacOS, Windows, Linux, etc), as well as Chrome OS.

We make use of some of the latest advancements in browser technology to deliver some of our more cutting edge features such as video consultations. Some browsers do not support some of the technologies that we use and thus we will not support them. To ensure the best possible experience we recommend a Chromium based browser such as Google Chrome.

We also test and support the latest releases of Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. On mobile, we will support Safari on Apple devices and Chrome on Android devices but note that some features are not mobile friendly.

The browsers we don't support

We do not support Internet Explorer and all versions of Microsoft Edge that are not Chromium based. These browsers lack the features required for a good user experience. The good news is that less than 2% of all internet traffic uses Internet Explorer and less than 5% use Edge.

Video consultation support

Whilst some of the features in Heydoc will work on unsupported browsers, video consultation will not. WebRTC is the technology that allows audio and video communication to work inside web pages by allowing direct peer-to-peer communication. This is the underlying technology that we use for video consultation.

WebRTC is not implemented on Internet Explorer. In 2015, Microsoft announced that it will not add any features to Internet Explorer as it is at the end of its life. It is therefore very unlikely that WebRTC will ever be part of Internet Explorer.

Since 2015, Windows ships with Microsoft Edge and it also does not include WebRTC. Less than 5% of all internet traffic uses Microsoft Edge and Microsoft announced that it will no longer continue to develop the Edge browser. Instead it will adopt the Chromium engine used by Google Chrome that includes WebRTC.

Similarly, WebRTC does not work on any non-Apple browser on Apple devices, this includes Google Chrome.

Therefore, we recommend to our users for any video consultations within Heydoc, that yourself and your patient use the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge if using a laptop or PC. For mobile phone devices, we recommend using Safari on an iPhone, and Chrome on an Android phone.

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