Create a credit note in Heydoc if you need to reduce the amount of an invoice. This may be because you provide a refund for part of an invoice (e.g. discount), or because of a cancellation in case of prepayment.

To create a credit note, go to 'Invoices' within the patient record and click the arrow next to "New" and select "New credit note" from the drop-down list:

The following page will appear. Fill in the necessary details, and click "Add invoice item":

Insert your invoice item, amend the details as necessary and click the tick. You can add multiple invoice items to the credit note. When you are finished, click "Save credit note":

The credit note will appear in the list of invoices with the amount remaining:

How to apply a credit note to an invoice

To reduce an invoice using the issued credit note, click 'Pay' on the invoice you would like to do this for:

The following pop-up box will appear. In the 'Payment type box' select the credit note you would like to pay with, in this example it is "Apply credit note 232 (£ 170) - Paul Gauguin". Type the amount you would like to pay with the credit note and click "Save":

The credit note will now appear in the invoice list with the appropriate amount deducted:

How to refund a credit note

You may refund a credit note by transferring money back to the payee. To record this refund, within the credit note, click the blue "Refund" button:

The following pop-up box will appear. Select the payment type and the amount refunded and click "Save":

This refund will appear on the invoice like below with the payment type and the amount:

The amount will be deducted from the credit note and appear like so in the list of invoices:

Please note that the refunding functionality is for recording a refund only, and will not process any payments back to the payee.

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