You may want your clinic to be able to create appointment bookings in your appointment calendar for procedures, vaccines or other items found in your product list.

In order to do this kindly click "Products". You will be taken to a list of your current products, as below:

Click "New" in order to create a new product or you can search for a previously created product and edit this to enable for it to be booked in your calendar.

The example below will use a previously created product called "Hepatitis A and B". Select your product. You will see the following page. Click the edit icon:

To allow this product to be booked in your calendar kindly tick the box "This product can be booked in the calendar" as below. Once this is done, several other booking options will appear which need to be filled in as required:

Once you have filled in the details you require, click "Save":

Next, kindly go to "Settings" then "Locations". Select the room which will offer this service by clicking on the three dots and clicking 'Edit':

Then scroll down to "Services provided" and select this service as below. Click "Save":

Next, go to Settings" then "Users". Select the user who will offer this appointment then scroll down to "Services provided" and tick that as below. Click "Save":

Next, go to your appointment calendar and make a booking as you would ordinarily, you will see this product appear in the "Appointment type" section as below:

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