You may write a letter on behalf of a practitioner and would like the practitioner's signature to pull into this letter.

To do this, firstly ensure you have added a signature to the practitioner's user account.

If you click on "Settings" at the top and then "Users" on the left hand side as below you should see this page:

If you click on the user for whom you would like to add a signature, then you should see this page and the area where you can add a signature towards the bottom. 

Once you upload that, just click "Save" at the top of the page:

This signature can now be added to all letters.

To insert the signature in the letter, you will need to create a new letter template which includes the signature field.

To create a new letter template, go to 'Settings' and then to 'Letter templates'. Click 'New' to create a new letter template:

The following page will appear. Give your template a title and enter in any text in the body:

To enter in the signature, click 'User fields' and select 'Signature':

This will appear as below. Click 'Save' to save this new letter template:

To then write a letter go to the patient record for who you would like to create a letter for, and go to the 'Letters' section. Click 'New' to begin a new letter:

The following page will appear. To insert your template, click 'Insert template' and select your template from the list of letter templates:

Your letter template will now be inserted into the letter body. If you are not a practitioner, the signature field will automatically fill in with your user signature. If a practitioner is selected in the practitioner section, the signature uploaded to their user account will insert:

To change the signature to another practitioner, click on the arrow in the practitioner section and select the practitioners name from the drop down list:

This will update accordingly:

When you are finished creating the letter, you can save it and send as necessary.

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