You may need to recall a patient for a check-up appointment. You will be able to set a notification to remind you to do this. 

To do this, click "Tasks" as the top of the page. You will see the page below with a list of all your tasks. To create a recall task, click "Add task" in the top left corner:

This will take you to the following page, where you can enter the task subject and any comments. You can also assign the task to a user on your system and select the patient the recall is for:

Set the task type as 'Recall' from the drop down list:

Once you have added a due date and have finished creating the recall task, click 'Save'. This will bring you back to the task page and you will see the recall task you created in the list of tasks:

When the recall task is past the due date, it will appear in red in the list.

For more information on tasks, click here.

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