What is a data migration?

A data migration is the process of transferring data from one system to another, to ensure continuity of operations and full access to all historically accumulated data in the new system. In order to do this, columns in the data from your current system are mapped out to be automatically inserted into the appropriate fields within Heydoc. 

An example:

Below is an extract of a data set to be migrated. 

Column A: "Patient first name", Column B: "Patient DOB" and Column C: "Patient sex" 

Once migrated, it will be mapped to "First name", "Date of birth (optional)" and "Sex" fields in Heydoc as below:

Let's get your migration started...

If you require a migration as part of your move to Heydoc, our internal migration team can do this for you. There is a charge for this service, if this hasn't already been discussed with you, please contact support. Please note that you will usually be given a one time fixed fee per migration, however, in some situations, your previous system may have created custom features for you which may result in certain parts of your migration to be more complex. In these cases additional charges may apply.

Kindly find a step-by-step process on how to proceed with this:

Step 1 - Get your data

Get in touch with your current system provider, letting them know you'll be leaving and that you require your data. Some companies will charge you for your data, others may not. You may also have a notice period which you have to honour (depending on your contract). It is important to ask for your data to be exported in .CSV files, as this is the format that we support for migrations at Heydoc. 

Step 2 - Let us know

When you have an indication of the precise date you will be receiving your data kindly let support@heydoc.co.uk know so they can find an appointment slot with the migration team. They will then let you know the dates available. This is very important as your migration needs to be booked in. We will set up a secure way for you to share your data with us or your previous provider will send it to us. We will normally provide an sFTP for your previous provider to upload the data to. Kindly never send any data to the support team. 

Step 3 - Your migration is WIP

Once the migration team have received your data, the support team will send you a confirmation of receipt. From this point it will take about 5-7 working days to complete (this time frame may vary depending on the size of your data set). This is the average time frame for most migrations. If your data happens to be from a system/in a format we are not familiar with then this time frame may vary. This will be communicated to you once the migration team have looked at your data. Your migration will go ahead on the agreed date on condition that we receive your data in the correct format on this date. If the data is not provided or there is something wrong with the data then we will need to move your migration booking to the next available slot.

Step 4 - Add the basic data you need, merge later

During this interim, we advise you not to use your previous system as this data won't be migrated. You should start using Heydoc and, once the migration is complete, you will be able to merge any duplicate patients with your migrated data. 

We do kindly ask that you ensure you have all locations and users set-up in your Heydoc system so that the migration team can match any previous bookings to the correct location and practitioner.

Step 5 - Your migration is complete!

Your migration is complete! The support team will send an email to let you know this. You will be given a two week time frame during which you would need to check your migrated data and let the support team know if you have any questions or comments. Once two weeks has passed we will delete your data and assume the migration to be closed.

If you have any specific questions regarding your migration, do contact support@heydoc.co.uk.

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