You may generate a report such as 'Medical Records' which contains only the Patient ID and not the patient name. The patient name is not included in some report types for security reasons.

It is possible to find the patient name for the record you are viewing, by copying the Patient ID from the report and generating a separate report on 'Patient data':

You will then be able to go into the 'Patient data' report and match the patient ID with the patient record:

You may want to use the VLOOKUP function within your spreadsheet report to find your specific data.

Using the patient ID within the URL
An alternative method is to copy the patient ID from the report. Then go to the 'Patients' tab:

Select any patient and highlight the patient ID which is found within the URL as shown below:

Paste the copied patient ID into the URL to replace the current one, and hit enter. This will bring up the patient with the corresponding patient ID:

For more information on how to generate reports, click here.

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