Within your appointment confirmation email, you may include a link for the patient to cancel their booking. When your patient books an appointment, they will receive an email confirmation that looks like something below:

For information on how to set appointment confirmations and how to include a cancellation link within the appointment confirmation email, click here.

When the patient clicks on the 'Cancel booking' link, they will be able to cancel their booking. Your clinic will receive an email, notifying you that a patient has cancelled their booking:

This will contain the Booking ID and the Patient ID.

You would like to find out which patient cancelled their booking. There are various ways in which this is possible using the Booking ID and the Patient ID from the cancellation email.

Using reports to find the patient name

To find the patient name, you can generate a report and search for the Booking ID or the Patient ID within the report.

To find the patient name using the Booking ID, copy the Booking ID from the cancellation email and then generate a report on 'Bookings' by going to the "Analytics" tab and scrolling down to the "Reports" section:

You can then search the report for this Booking ID and find the patient name associated with the booking:

Alternatively, you may like to see which patient has cancelled their booking by copying the Patient ID from the cancellation email.

You can then search for this in the Bookings report, as the Booking ID example above.
Or you can generate a report on your Patient Data and search for the Patient ID within there in a similar fashion:

Using the patient ID within the URL

An alternative method to using reports is to copy the patient ID from the cancellation email. Then go to the 'Patients' tab:

Select any patient and highlight the patient ID which is found within the URL as shown below:

Paste the copied patient ID into the URL to replace the current one, and hit enter. This will bring up the patient with the patient ID who cancelled their booking:

To see what their cancelled appointment was, scroll down on their summary page to the "Appointments" section:

For more information on how to generate reports, click here.

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