You may want to add GP details to a patient, for reference or to be able to send patient records to. You may even want to add the GP details within a letter.

How do I add GP details to a patient?

The first step is to add the GP as a contact to your system. This step is optional if the GP details are for reference only, however, it is mandatory if you wish to send any information to this GP through Heydoc, e.g. sending letters and lab results.
For information on how to add a new contact, click here.

Once you have added the contact to your system, go into the patient summary for who you would like to add the GP details for. Click the edit icon to edit the patient record:

Scroll down to "Relationships and emergency contacts" and click "Add relationship":

The following pop-up box will appear. In the 'Relationship type' section, you can either select 'Practitioner' from the drop down box or free-type 'GP':

In the 'Patient or contact name' section, begin typing the name of the GP you previously added to your contact list and select the name from the drop down box:

If you select the relationship type as 'Practitioner', you can only add a contact name as someone from your contact list. If you entered the relationship type as 'GP' by free-typing, you can either add the contact name as someone from your contact list, or you can free-type a name like below:

This will give you the option to add any contact info:

Please note that if you add a relationship by free-typing and not from anyone in the contact list, this information will only exist within the patient record and will not be added automatically as a contact. In addition, you will not be able to pull in this information when emailing letters or documents to this GP for example, unless they are added as a contact to your system.

Once you have entered any details, click "Add relationship" and then click "Save".

How do I add GP details within a letter?

When writing a letter, you may want to insert details of the patient's GP. This will only be possible if the GP is a contact on your system.
To do this, when writing a new letter, go to the 'Patient details' tab > Related accounts > Practitioner and then select the practitioner name. You can insert all the details for the GP or their name, address, email or phone numbers.

If the GP is under the relationship type name of 'GP' rather than 'Practitioner', the GP name will appear under 'Other':

Please note the GP name will only appear if you have added them as a contact in the 'Contacts' tab.

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