You may create a new appointment type and find that it does not appear as an option when making a new booking from the appointment calendar, or it does not appear in your online booking system. For information on how to create a new appointment type, click here.

All appointment types must be linked with at least one practitioner and a location for them to appear as a booking option.

To link to a practitioner, go to the "Settings" tab, then "Users" and select the practitioner. Scroll down to "Services provided". Ensure that the new appointment type is ticked:

Don't forget to click the blue "Save" button at the top of the page once you've made these changes:

Appointment types are also linked with locations/rooms, via the "Services provided" functionality in the "Location" section in "Settings". To ensure that the appointment type is linked to the appropriate room, click on the ellipsis by your room and click 'Edit' from the drop down list:

Then in the "Services provided" section, select the appointment types provided in this location/room:

Don't forget to click "Save" once you have done this.

Why is my appointment not appearing in my online booking?

Firstly, ensure you have gone through the steps above.

Then check that your appointment type has been ticked in your online booking link set up as below:

For more information on how to create your online booking links, click here.

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