Go to "Settings" then "Medical settings" as below. Confirm that the "Diagram" box is ticked and if you would like to add any custom diagrams to use in your consultation you would need to insert them into the circled box below:

If you would like to use your own custom diagrams/images, you can drag these images into the "Diagrams" box as circled above. You will then see the below pop-up appear. Fill in "Title" for this section and click "Upload":

This will appear as below:

Go to the patient and click "Consultation", then "Write notes", then click "Diagram" then "Choose image" as below:

You will then see the system images as well as your own customised images which you will be able to use:

Click on the image you wish to use, this will take you to an enlarged page where you will be able to annotate and draw over this image as you wish:

You will be able to change your pen colour by clicking on the coloured square near "Pen colour" and clicking the colour you require:

Once you're happy with that, you will be able to hover over the diagram and annotate as required:

Once you click "Save" this will appear as below:

You will be able to insert any titles or comments in the text box as below:

Once you click "Save", this consultation will appear as below in your patient file:

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