Once patients have made an appointment with your clinic/registered with your clinic, you may require them to answer a few questions before their appointment with you. 

If you click "Settings" then "Questionnaires" you will see this page. This will eventually display a list of all your questionnaires in alphabetical order. To create a questionnaire click "New":

You will be taken to the page below where you will be able to enter a questionnaire "Title". You can also add either a "Confirmation message" or a "Redirect URL" which will appear once the questionnaire has been submitted:

"Branding options" will allow you to change colours of the background and font of the main questionnaire page, the header and the footer. You can do so by inserting the appropriate Hex code into the sections below. Once the code has been inserted, the square coloured box will change colour to match the code inserted:

You may also want to insert a header into "Header text":

The "Patient information" is compulsory. You must have the patient "Name" as a minimum but you can then select other details you may require:

"Sections" will allow you to add as many sections as you require in your questionnaire. You can click "Add section" to add as many sections as you like:

Once "Add section" is clicked you will see the below section. You will be able to add the "Section title" and "Description":

Once you have filled in these two sections as below, the "Questions" section will allow you to add a question for this section. Click "Add question" as circled below:

The section below will appear where you can enter your first question:

Once you fill in "Question text" and "Question type" and select your requirements, this will appear similar to the below:

You may add as many questions and/or sections as you like.

You may want to add questions whose visibility depends on the answer to another question.

For example you may want to ask the question "Do you have any allergies?". You can then select the 'Question type' as multiple choice and enter "Yes", "No" and "Unsure" as the tick box options. If the patient ticks "Yes", you may want the questionnaire to then ask the patient, "What is their allergy?". Therefore, you would create a new question and tick the box under the question text, 'Visibility depends on the answer to another question':

Then select the question which you would like your question to be dependent on. In this case, you would select "Do you have any allergies?" from the drop down box:

Then select in the 'Answer' section the answer which must be matched for
the question to be visible:

For this example, "Yes" has been selected:

Now, whenever the patient selects "Yes" for "Do you have any allergies?", the question "What is your allergy?" will appear and they will be able to enter in their allergies.

Once you are happy with your questionnaire, click "Save". You will be taken back to the list of currently created questionnaires, below you will see the one you just created:

If you click the "..." you will see the below options:

You can choose to "Delete" this questionnaire by clicking "Delete":

You can also view your questionnaire as below, if you click "View questionnaire":

Once you click this, your questionnaire will appear as below. You will be able to use the URL circled to send to your patients or insert into your appointment reminders:

For information on how to send a questionnaire to a patient, click here.

When your patient fills in a questionnaire, the answers will appear in the consultation notes for that patient like below:

If the patient is not already on your system, a new patient record will be created. However, if the patient is already on the system and they enter the same name and DOB into the questionnaire, the questionnaire results will deposit in the current patient record. 

Please note that for any existing patient on your system, the patient information inputted by the patient in the questionnaire will not override the information on their patient record as the system does not allow a patient to override any information that the clinic may have inserted. However, if there was any missing patient information on the existing patient record, any new information that the patient inputs in the questionnaire will deposit in the patient record.

How do I ask for a patient relationship within the questionnaire?

Within your questionnaire, you may want to ask the patient for relationship details such as an emergency contact, a family member, a related practitioner or an insurance provider.

To do this, add a question, and select 'Relationship' as the Question type from the drop down box:

In the Relationship type field, select which relationship you would like the details for:

Then tick the boxes for which details you would like to ask the patient for:

When the patient submits the questionnaire, this will create a new contact record in the contact tab. It will also save the relationship within the patient record which can be found by clicking the 'Edit' icon within the patient record and scrolling down to 'Relationships and emergency contacts' section:

How do I send my questionnaire to a patient?

For information on how to send your questionnaire to a patient, click here.

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