You may want to create a booking which includes several different appointment types.

First you need to set up the pathways you would like to be available at your clinic. Click "Products" , you will see a list of all your current products. Click "New" to create an appointment pathway:

Once you click "Add product" you will be taken to the below page, click "Type" and select "Pathway":

You will then be led to the below where you will be required to fill in all the details for this particular appointment pathway:

Click "Add appointment" and select the appointments that form the pathway from the drop down list:

You can add as many appointments as you like, once complete click "Save":

You can create as many pathways as you require.

If you choose to send out confirmation emails for these pathway bookings, go to "Settings" then "Appointment reminder" and scroll down to "Pathway confirmation email" and toggle "Send emails" to "Yes" as circled below. Go ahead and populate your email template using free typing and the buttons on the right hand side as below:

Once you have done this, you can now use these pathways when booking a patient into your calendar. Simply select this pathway as below:

This booking will now appear as multiple bookings as below, you will be able to move these bookings around to other dates and times if required:

Please note that you will not be able to add a pathway to an invoice manually. A pathway must always be booked into the calendar and will then automatically insert into the invoice. 

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