Please note that you would need to get your unique details from Healthcode for Heydoc specifically, it may not be possible to use previously acquired details which you use for another system, kindly click here to do this. 

In the section where it asks you for the "Practice management system" kindly fill that in as circled below: 

Once you have these details to hand, the integration will proceed directly within Heydoc. If you do not see the Healthcode feature in your system yet, kindly reach out to so they can switch it on for you.

To integrate with Healthcode, go to "Settings" then click "Integrations" on the left hand side of your page and scroll down till you see the "Healthcode" section, enter your unique details in the areas circled below, click "Save" at the bottom. 

Next, click "Users" on the left hand side of your page and scroll down till you see the "Healthcode" section and enter your unique "Identifier" (this is your GMC number a with a zero at the beginning, e.g. 0651978). Click "Update user" at the bottom of the page:

Now, go to "Contacts" at the top of your page, click "Add contact":

Fill in the details of the contact at the insurance company you would like to use, most especially the "Healthcode" section towards the bottom of your page. Once you start typing the first few letters of the "Healthcode identifier (Insurance)" you will be able to select from the drop down menu:

Click "Save" and you will be able to see a summary of this contact:

Now go to "Products" at the top of your page. You will see a list of your current products, click "New":

In "Type" select "Procedure" or "Appointment":

It is important to insert the "Name" which can be chosen from the drop down menu. Now scroll down till you see the "Healthcode" section. As you type the first few letters of the "Industry standard code" as circled below, you will be able to select an option from the dropdown menu. If it is required, you may also need to enter the "Procedure Code" using the same functionality. If this is not required, the system will not allow you to enter a procedure code:

Click "Save" at the top of your page once this is complete. You would need to do this for any other products for which you would like to use Healthcode for if they require these codes.

Next, click "Patients" at the top of your page, you will see a list of all your current patients. Search for the patient for whom you would like to use Healthcode, using the search engine as below:

Click into that patient and  you will the "Summary" page, click on the edit icon as circled below:

Scroll down till you see "Relationships and Emergency contacts":

Click "Add relationship" and in "Relationship type" select "Insurance provider" from the drop down menu:

In "Patient or contact name" start typing the first few letters of the insurance provider and this will appear as below:

Now add the registration number and click "Add relationship":

This will now appear as below within the patient file, click "Save" at the top of your page:

If you do not have a patient saved and would like to add a new patient then you can add these details straight away when adding this new patient file as below:

You can now send invoices to Healthcode through Heydoc for this patient. Click "Invoices" then click "New":

You will see a new invoice page. This will automatically pull in any outstanding items this patient has on their account, in this case, "Endoscopy". Fill in the "Header" and "Practitioner" section. You will see the that "To" section is pre-filled with the insurance provider we added to the patient file earlier:

Click "Save" once complete. You will now see this invoice listed as below, click into this invoice:

You will then see the page below. Click the Healthcode icon as circled:

A pop-up will appear which will ask you for the diagnosis, once you start typing the first few letters you will be able to select from the drop down menu as below:

Click the option you would like then click "Submit to Healthcode" as circled below:

You will now see that your invoice is currently "Unprocessed":

If you refresh your page, you will then see this change to "Validated" in blue as below which indicates that this invoice has been successfully sent to Healthcode:

What do the different statuses mean on my invoice once submitted to Healthcode?

Once you have submitted an invoice to Healthcode, it will appear like below with a status next to 'Outstanding':

'Unprocessed' - the invoice has been sent to Healthcode but has not yet been received by them/processed by them

'Validated' - Healthcode have received this invoice

'Awaiting collection' - the invoice is awaiting collection from the insurance company

'Collected' - the invoice has been collected by the insurance company

Please note that once Healthcode have sent the invoice to the insurance company, they receive no further information regarding this invoice.

Communication is only one way, so once this invoice has been paid by the insurance company this payment will not be recorded automatically and you will need to record this invoice as payed. Click here to see how to record payment on an invoice.

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